References from hobby dancers

Hendrikje, Berlin: For over 10 years I have been training regularly with Martin. My working life is associated with a lot of sedentary office work. The weekly training in the Weinmeisterhaus offers me a very good balance – physically and mentally.
With the various training elements, the body is extensively loosened and stretched. At the same time, the muscles are trained, which supports me a lot in my daily work. The atmosphere during the classes is calm and relaxing, sometimes funny – which does not mean that teaching is not demanding.
Despite the participants’ varying ballet skills, Martin manages to adapt the classroom to meet the needs of both beginners and advanced participants.

Maria, Berlin: I have been attending the ballet training of Martin Meng for more than 15 years. The weekly training not only promotes elegance and good posture, but also provides an excellent physical and mental balance to the stress in the professional life. Thanks to the personal and friendly atmosphere and the individual assistance of Martin Meng, the training is suitable for ballet beginners as well as for advanced players.

Mona, Eberswalde: My name is Mona. I met Martin in 2003. At that time I was pregnant and had little experience in classical dance. What started with a trial lesson, has become already 16 years of regular training til today. Due to the healing effects of Martin’s healthy exercises our course has almost developed into a therapy group. I have a full time job and dance since my early teens as a hobby in show dance. I use Martins training to develop a beautiful posture and to keep my muscles elastic and flexible. Due to the weekly and thus regular training, I am still very flexible and like to do full splits on both sides. Stress-related back pain can be excellently corrected with his exercises which have solved many a tensions. I like his calm style and the deep breathing in our exercises, which allow me to get deeper and deeper into the stretches. But also at the barre I enjoy the intensity of the exercises and like to sweat in the rhythm of the music. It makes me feel healthy and happy.

Annette, Berlin: I’ve been training with Martin Meng for 13 years. Before I started my training with Martin, I was looking for a gentle kind of movement, that strengthens the whole body. Luckily, I came across a great teacher right away. Meng knows the great stages of Europe and is a man of the world, he speaks several languages and trains professional dancers. However, he doesn’t feel above teaching amateurs. Under his expert guidance, I perform movements that are gentle on the joints and yet have momentum. Ballet is a great way to keep your body fit, it promotes an upright posture, agility and trains the feeling of rhythm. Meng teaches with humor and rigor and gives insights into his former life as a dancer and his experiences on stage. It gives me a lot of pleasure to train in his nice group. I had never thought before that I would be so agile with over 40 years. I can hardly imagine a life without steady training.

Daniela, Eberswalde: Martin is very professional and well versed, always happy and manages to motivate me. I appreciate his empathy and holistic thinking. I have learned a lot from him, have become pain-free in a short time and above all, have remained so until today! With great gratitude I take my hat off to this pro!